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Davis Usner is 46 years old and lives in Philadelphia. He graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art (now named the University of the Arts) where he studied poetry and creative writing with Steve Berg. By graduation he had shifted focus from majors in painting and photography to writing -- which he has done in some form or another since. Years after graduation he discovered the performing arts and entered into years of voice and acting training. In 1992, he performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. He has appeared in One Life to LIve, Twelve Monkeys, Philadelphia and a wide variety of industrial films and commercials. Two years ago he picked up a pen to try his hand at playwriting. His current work includes performing at the Soho Arts Festival, NYC, in September with a projected tour of three cities in Germany.

Just to add a note, he and his wife are licensed skydivers having taken the plunge some 500 times.